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Building an audience

Having made the investment in a new website, it is tempting to sit back and wait for the enquiries to come rolling in.

However, life is rarely that simple. These are three things every business owner should consider to make the most of out their online presence:

Search Engine Optimisation (‘SEO’): Nextnorth websites are built to be search-engine-friendly “out of the box”. But each customer will have a different target profile and ranking which may require additional strategies or external assistance. We can advise on what to do next.

Social Media: If you’re not on it, you should be. Seriously. We’re not going to claim we are experts – many of our customers use social media in more creative ways than us. But we now have all the tools to integrate your social media streams into our websites and vice-versa. And we know the right people to talk to if you are struggling to make it work for your business.

Email Marketing: Often passed over, email marketing can be the most effective tool to reach new audiences. We’ll help you acquire a database and craft emails to raise a smile and spark an interest. If you’re worried about GDPR, don’t be – talk to us. It’s straightforward to address.

It’s often confusing to know what actions to take, so Nextnorth can help with a comprehensive marketing plan to meet your objectives. We’ll start with a full audit of the current position and make recommendations about which of the three techniques listed above are appropriate for your business.

We can assist with implementation or train you in how to do it yourself. We will install a hit counter and other analysis tools to monitor progress towards targets.

Call us today to discuss your requirements.

You won’t regret it.


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