Who are we?

Helping our members deliver the “S” in their ESG strategy

We believe that, by coming together and aggregating our resources, skills and enthusiasm, we can have a positive social impact on large numbers of UK students thus promoting diversity and opening up our industry to all.

Kickstart your Career in Real Assets

At The Academy we stand for increasing access, diversity, and intellectual curiosity amongst UK schools and students by connecting you to some of the country’s leading Real Estate and Real Assets firms. We do this through our core engagement programmes.

The Coffee Broadcasts

Engage and hear from the industry’s professionals

Tune into The Academy’s Coffee Broadcast series delivered throughout the academic year. Explore and learn about the various career opportunities you can embark on in Real Estate and Property, and how you can break into the industry.

The Essay Competition

Showcase your creative talent

The Academy’s National Essay Competition occurs annually during the academic year. It is designed to encourage students from across the UK to enter a short written or filmed essay. Each year we will publish these student submissions in print and online and send it to 3,000 schools, leading employers, universities, and the media.


Building Meaningful Partnerships

The Academy has a number of key strategic partners that help us deliver our philanthropic objectives. These might be, eg. Charities involved in social mobility, educational establishments, and media partners.


Connecting you to the World of Real Assets

Our members are drawn from right across the worlds of Real Estate and Real Assets so that we can show, and explain to, students the huge range of opportunities that are available to them. Our members all believe that we can do more, make a bigger social impact and difference by coming together and pooling resources and expertise.


Governance of The Academy

The Academy’s Editorial Board is responsible for the strategic direction and ethics of The Academy.